High Speed Movies 

High speed movies can reveal the details of motions, which are usually too fast to be resolved by the human eye. The movies shown on this website are shot with a Casio EX-F1 digital camera, mostly in "open air" conditions. The movies are offered for download in the MOV file format. If you have not already installed the appropriate codec (H.264) and player, the  K-Lite Codec Pack provides codecs and the Media Player Classic for playback. During playback, you can try to step through the movies frame by frame, to capture all details.

 Technical Data for CASIO EX-F1 camera
Frame rate [fps] Resolution [px x px]
336 x 96
600 432 x 192
300 512 x 384

Insect Flight

Animal Movements

Fire, Flames, and Pyrotechnics

Liquid flow


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