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Here you can follow my footsteps to some places around the world. The photos of my newer travels are all kept in my flickr collection

For those who are interested to travel the world in a backpacking/ hostelling/ public transport or hitchhiking manner I selected a few useful links:

 The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Known to many as a fantastic sci-fi book by Douglas Adams, the online version contains a good amount of travelling information about many countries. Just enter "Germany" in the search field, for example.
 The German Youth Hostelling Association Here you find a list of all youth hostels in Germany including details and prices. You need to have an international Youth Hostelling membership card to stay there. It is also expected that you bring your own bedsheets with you, otherwise you must pay extra to rent them from the hostel.
 The German Railways The best way to travel in Germany is to use the railways (If you don't have a car). The railway network is very tight, even small villages have their own stations, but be prepared that the trains are delayed. At their site you will find a timetable system and information about special tickets. If you travel at weekend, you might consider using the "Wochenende Ticket" and save a lot of money.
  The "Mitfahrzentrale" organizes Hitchhiking for money. On It's website, you can find offers of people with a car who will take you with them.

Have fun travelling, Frederik ;-)

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Last modified: 30.05.2013