Malin Head 25./26.09.99

Malin Head - It's the end of the world as we know it :-), but the Sandrock Hostel there is the very best in all Ireland. You can spend your whole day watching the tide...
And then buy some fresh crab in the local fisherman's coop. (right, Julie?). The tide washes all kinds of rare minerals up to the shore, but neither me nor Shane found anything valuable. Julie picked up some pebbles for her fishtank, though.

Bog and a Lloyds watchtower at Banba's Head, Ireland's northernmost point.

Nature's brute force.

Julie and Shane from Australia standing with me at Banba's Head.

Athmosphere ...

The tide can rise very high here. (The brown rocks will become completely flooded)

Mooo ! - again ;-)

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