Tools to process .WAV files for a sampler CD

If you want to compile a sampler CD with many different artists, you often face the problem that some songs are percievably louder than others, or a song ends with the crowd making noise which is abruptly cut off when the next song starts. The tools on this page want to help around theese problems.


WAVLEVEL adjusts the volume of WAV file. It's strength is that you can specify a set of files and WAVLEVEL will adjust their average volume to each other (there are several algorithms offered) while maintaining the maximum possible dynamics.Details are described in README


You can use WAVFADE to fade songs in and out. Each fading sequence is specified by it's duration and a start- (fade-in) or endlevel (fade-out)


You can download WAVLEVEL and WAVFADE as source tarball. Some installation instructions can be read in the INSTALL file, changes are recorded in Changelog

latest version is 0.2

Jason Lunz sent me email that it is necessary to modify the Makefile

wavlevel:wavlevel.o wavfuncs.o Makefile
  $(CC) -g wavlevel.o wavfuncs.o -o wavlevel

should be:

wavlevel:wavlevel.o wavfuncs.o Makefile
  $(CC) -g wavlevel.o wavfuncs.o -o wavlevel -lm
for some distributions. (Debian, i.e.)

Luciano Genero created a Windows port of wavlevel, which I will provide on this page for download. As I did not test it, download and usage is at your own risk. (the same is true for any other software on this page, by the way)


Copyright by Frederik. WAVLEVEL and WAVNORM are free software as defined in the GNU GNERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
Both programs are derived from WAVNORM, by Duncan Robertson.

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