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All my software offered on this site is free software, as defined in the GNU General Public License (GPL) published by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) Among other things, this license says that you can freely distribute the software, in other words: feel free to download! (But don't forget to read the license)
The programs are mostly written in the C/C++ language, and are distributed in source code only. This means you need a C/C++ compiler (and some very basic knowledge how to use it) to make them run on your computer. They have been tested on the GNU/Linux OS, but you may be successfull in compiling and running them on other platforms as well, especially other Unices.

These are the programs:

More free software can be found at the Freshmeat appindex. In fact, you'll find free software for almost every task. Another good place to find free software is SourceForge. You need even more? Then take a look at

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